How to show a button on Stream Deck only if specific app is running?

Is it possible to have a button on the Stream Deck that is shown for any apps, but only if a specific other app is currently running?

What I'm trying to achieve:

I'm running Google Meet in its own app window (progressive web app). When I'm in a meeting, I want buttons on my stream deck to turn microphone and video on and off. I want this button to be shown regardless of what app window is currently active. So when I'm in a video call and taking notes in Notion, I want to be able to mute my mic even when though the Google Meet app is not active.

What I've tried:

Created a Stream Deck trigger in “All Apps” with advanced condition visible_window_list CONTAINS "Google Meet", with an action “Send ⌘ D to Google Meet”.

The button works, it does turn off the mic in Meet when another app like Notion is active. However, the button is always shown on the Stream Deck, even then the Google Meet app is not running.

I guess the advanced conditions of the Stream Deck trigger are only for triggering the action, not for showing the button, but is there a way to achieve what I'm trying to do?

Ha! I figured it out myself:

Create a conditional activation group with condition "List of running processes includes Google Meet" –works like a charm!