How to set which notchbar is shown based on if screen has the notch or is standard


I have a multi-monitor set up and would like to set which notchbar is used based on if the screen has a notch or not. For example: If the screen is my macbook native display (aka screen with a notch) I would like only the widget notchbar to be used for that screen. For my other standard screens, I would like only the standard menubar to be used. I have tried some variations of detection via user scripting but with no luck.

In BTTNotchBarUser.js I added this function which is called when the notch bar is opened:

function standardscreenfixed() {
	if (window.notchBarConfig.BTTNotchBarIsOnStandardScreen === True) {
	} else {

Any suggestions on how this can be achieved?

In general I'd not recommend to use the notch bar as there have been various changes in macOS that make it less reliable.

However maybe disabling this option will help you?

Yea I have noticed that, just haven't had enough time to sit down with the new floating menus and design something similar to what I have implemented for my notch bar.

For your suggestion, I gave that a try but the notchbar still has the same behavior.

For example, i would like my native display to always have this widget setup on it.

For my standard screens, I would like to have them use this menubar setup.

From your response, sounds like I need to take some time and get to know the floating menus since the reliability of the Notchbar is slowly deteriorating.

Thanks for the response! Love the tool.