How to select specific window in a specific Application?

I am creating a ProTools TouchBar and am not sure how to set this up.
When Protools Launched, I create a new Track, click "Rename" and a pop-up window appears.

Now what I did is created a new "conditional activation group" and only defined "Focus Element Role". Its an "AXGroup" which I have set it at.

It does work, however I have three questions:

1. How can I make BTT "ignore" the ProTools TouchBar when the new small window is open?

2. AXGroup alone is not the solution since the TB will appear when I open "IMessage" as well. So how can I narrow this down that I truly only want that specific window?

3. Maybe a basic question, but can anyone explain me what these commands actually do?
"is / is not / is like / begins with / ends with / contains / matches / in"

Thank you!

  1. You have to create a CAG "with all the followings true":
  • app + is + ProTools
  • window + is + name of this window.
    And a trigger "Conditional Activation group activated" and as action "close group", "toggle BTT" or whatever you want.
    As well as a second CAG
  • app + is + ProTools
  • window + is not + name of the window
    And as Trigger "open Touch Bar group" :slightly_smiling_face: this opens the Touch Bar again when the small
    Window disappears.
  1. In the CAG sect "All of the following are true" and add "Application" "is" "ProTools"

  2. Examples are the best :smiley:
    "Application" "is" "ProTools" β†’ the content of the group is shown only for ProTools.
    "Application" "is not" "Messages" β†’ any application but messages shows the group :slightly_smiling_face:
    "Window name" "contains" "New" β†’ regardless the app, all windows with "new" will show the group: "new document", "new tab", "create new rule",... the "begins with" rule would for example exclude the last window.

Hope this helpedπŸ™‚

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Thank you very much for your answers. I will try and play around with that knowledge now! :blush:

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Don't hesitate to ask if you encounter any trouble! That's what the community is there for!

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