How to Select "Finder" in Show / Hide Specific Application

I want a shortcut to quickly show or hide the Finder, but there seems to be no way to choose Finder. I don't want to use the "Open Finder" option. What I want is that the Finder will show or hide when I press the key repeatedly.

I've noticed that all the places that select apps don't seem to support selecting the Finder itself. I think this should be supported. Because the Finder itself is also an application.

I think I can achieve my goal through scripts, but I hope that BTT natively supports choosing Finder.

Finder is a normal app so you can select it, however it's located in this folder: /System/Library/CoreServices/


Thank you very much.

Wonderful! Thanks so much for this answer! For anyone else reading in the future, had I simply typed "Finder" in the finder search box that pops up when you select your App in BTT, the Finder "App" would have popped right now. Something to keep in mind for future potentially "hidden" items. :slight_smile: