How to restore deleted app?

I accidentally deleted one of my apps (from the very left sidebar). I went to undo the action but it's grayed out in the menu dropdown. I never saved a backup so I can't use that option. I was hoping there's a recycle bin that I can pull it out of. Is there a way to restore this app I spent so much time on?

do you maybe have time machine enabled on your Mac?

Not set up yet, unfortunately there are no backup systems active on this machine.

you could try help-> restore from backup. BTT does create auto backups before updates, but that might not help in your case :-/

Yeah doesn't look like it will work. There's nothing to select from "Select Setting Backup to Restore" section.

Thanks for trying

if you still have the same instance open also try cmd+z even if the undo item is greyed out - probably won’t work either but worth a try

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