How to resize my windows across multiple monitors

Hello. I am using my macbook pro 15' 2019 and having two external monitors connecting to it. I set up the two external monitor as continuous desktop (by uncheck the Display has separate spaces in the Mission Control). I an trying to use resize window size below cursor by pressed keys I select(which I use opt ) in BetterTouchTools. It works perfectly good in one monitor. However, when I want to resize the window across monitors, i.e. expanding my file to display throughout my two monitors, it does not seem to work. Because of annoying issues, I have to use my mouse to resize the windows every time.

unfortunately macOS doesn’t allow to resize windows to span more than one monitor programmatically as far as I know. I don’t think this can be fixed unless Apple changes the API

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Thank you Andreas! It seems that I need to get use to it.

Thank you Andreas! It looks like that I need to get use to it.