How to reset window sizes?

I am a happy user of BetterSnapTool on my MacBook, but one day I make the mistake of hitting the "maximize window" shortcut while I was in Google Chrome's save-as dialog box. Now, whenever I want to save/download something from Chrome, it attempts to maximize the save dialog and for some reason pushes down the main Chrome window by 50 pixels or so. With each usage of save-as it pushes it down another 50 pixels.

I guess this might be more of a MacOS question than a BetterSnapTool question, but I'm asking it here, because BetterSnapTool resized a window that MacOS never intended to be resized, and now it looks like I'm stuck with it that way forever?

Is there a way of resetting the window sizes so that it stops trying to display the save-as dialog in the bad maximized window size?


Chrome should remember the last size of that panel, so if you resize it back to some usable size it should open it with that size next time you try.

That's the problem - the Save-As dialog window in Chrome (for MacOS) is not normally a resizable window. It resized when I pressed BetterSnapTool's maximize-window hotkey, but it is not resizable with the mouse or touchpad. I am hoping there is a registry/plist solution to erasing the custom/maximized window size that BetterSnapTool set for this application window?

Solution was to:

  1. Go to System Preferences -> Display, and choose a (low) scaled resolution.
  2. Go to Chrome and do a right-click/Save As... on any image on any page
  3. Go back to System Preferences -> Display, and go back to default resolution

That reset the windows and got rid of the maximized "Save As".

I was about to say that for future I would suggest that BetterSnapTool not respond to hotkey maximize requests on non-resizable dialog boxes, but Chrome's Save As window IS resizable, so that wouldn't help... However, the Save As dialog is not movable - you can adjust the left, right, and bottom but you CAN'T change the top offset... Maybe THAT should be used as the criteria for BetterSnapTool to ignore a maximize request...