How to remove the X while keeping MACOS Control Strip

So I've been using better touch tool for months and my set up looked this.


But there was no X there. I was messing around last night creating more quick actions and now the X is stuck there. I like having both the mac control strip while also having the touch bar right there.

I need access to the native touch bar and just want to have my apps. Like Alfred over there. But I keep hitting the X. Is it at least possible to move the X so I don't close it while trying to lunch Alfred? Since I use it in place of spotlight.

Check out BTT and search for "Close Group". You should find the X that bothers you.

So a little more info please? I'm not the most smart. Close Group where? Isn't BTT just the app itself? I'm assuming you saw the pic and know what X I mean

Yeah the one on the left I guess :wink:
If you open up the BetterTouchTool configuration window, you should find somewhere the group with your setup (containing the buttons for Alfred, iMessage, Twitter,…). In this group you might find a button called "Close Group", such as on my screenshot. This should be the X you're looking for (I guess).


Is this the right area. The X is the one that closes better touch tool

Nothing above/below the displayed controls?
Anything set in the Finder on the left?

No. From my understanding I can't get rid of the X as long as MACOS control strip is on

Touché. My very bad.

What if you would uncheck this box and create an extra bottom in you preset, right after Music that would toggle the macOS Touch Bar?

You could even recreate the buttons on the right als right bound buttons for Siri, Volume up/down and mute.

That's what Im trying to figure out how to do

But that's easy.

  1. Go to the BTT settings, Touch Bar and uncheck the first box (Show macOS Control Strip). You settings should look like the screenshot above.
  2. Create a new button in the All Apps section (where your buttons are). Make it right bound, give it the Siri icon, and as assigned action "Siri". Play with the settings for the free Space after the button, the corner radius etc.
  3. Repeat 2 with the other actions you'd like to have there: volume up, volume down, mute, toggle macOS Touch Bar. All these possibilities are built in into BTT :slightly_smiling_face:
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Thank you very much, just spent half an hour trying to find this check box...