How to Paste URL

I tried (without knowing what I am doing) in analogy to similar, to paste the url of the "current" Vivaldi tab into a text app. But it does not work. :joy: How can I do that? Thanks.

You first need to get that vivaldi url somehow.

Try this using the "Run Apple Script" action:

tell application id "com.vivaldi.Vivaldi" to set currentTabUrl to URL of active tab of front window

tell application "BetterTouchTool" to set_string_variable "VIVALDI_URL" to currentTabUrl

Followed by your paste action above.

Mm, unfortunately that does not work. Is there a meaning that the scripts do not look like yours?

I just pressed the "Compile / Test" button, which also does syntax highlighting.

I quickly tried with Vivaldi, but it seems to work fine here. You still have the paste action you posted earlier as second action, correct?

One thing that's important, BTT needs permission to use Automation on Vivaldi in System Settings => Security & Privacy

Maybe you see something that is not right?

your variable in the paste action is missing an underscore, it should be VIVALDI_URL (you had that in your initial post :-))

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Oops, you're right. Now it works. Thanks :pray:

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