How to pair shortcut


I have problem with pairing shortcut (my own) with app defined shortcut - App defined shortcut is combination three keys (⇧⌘I). Problem is, that to make key "I" I have to hold "Shift" and press /. Whey I am pairing it in Bettertouchtool, the result in "Trigger other Keyboard Shortcut" is (⇧⌘/)

When I just copy this signs and paste it to "Trigger other Keyboard Shortcut", it is not working - the result in "Assigned action" is "A" and don't know why.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you!

macOS usually doesn't care about the letters as they are different for every keyboard layout.
This means just assigning the shortcut like you did should work, even if it doesn't display correctly.

What app are you trying this with?

I need the shortcut "add new row" for Slovak keyboard layout in Excel for Mac ver. 16.17.

All official shortcuts for Excel are for English keyboard. I tried to pair official shortcut with my customized, In English keyboard it is working, but in Slovakian not.

For my work I need Slovak keyboard....

Thank you, Adam