How to open Zoom links in Zoom! (And how to make this easier to set up)

Hi all. I recently came across a way to use BTT to open Zoom links in Zoom (and thereby skip the step where the link first opens in a browser, which then opens Zoom). It works great and anyone who uses Zoom and BTT (and does not know of this trick yet) should definitely set it up.

The hardest part was getting BTT to pass the intercepted URL to Zoom. The reason this part was hard is that the list of browsers in the Open URL action does not include Zoom. So one must use a custom terminal command to make this work. It took some digging to find the post linked above, which shows the proper command to use.

So my suggestion to Andreas is to add Zoom to the list of browsers in the Open URL action ... or let us choose any app as a browser ... then users wouldn't have to figure out the custom terminal command, and could just select Zoom to open the URL. It's working great already, but I thought this suggestion might make this feature more easy to discover and use.

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