How to open links in Safari from Chrome or how to call a mac os service ?


I try to open links in a chrome packaged app (Gmail converted to an application with Coherence Pro in the default browser (Safari).

Mac Os provides a service "Open link in browser" that does this.

How can I map this service to a BTT trigger ? I was thinking about mapping a triple finger tap to this.

Is this possible ?


Found a solution by assigning a keyboard shortcut to the service in the macOS keyboard preferences pane and then map the triple finger tap action with 2 actions: right click then my keyboard shortcut.

Looks like functional, but if someone has a better solution...

Maybe Coherence Pro supports Apple Script that would allow this, you should probably ask the authors of that app, they should know about it.

I think your solution is good. Alternatively you could use the "Trigger Menubar-Menu Item" action in BTT to trigger the Service from the services menu.

Thanks, indeed, I already asked them to provide such an option if possible. Il would be even more transparent.