How to move entire desktop to next monitor

Question_1: I would like to find a way to move entire desktop/workspace from one monitor display to the other.
Currently, the only way I know is to use my mouse (remove focus from the selected desktop/workspace, then pick it from the mission control top of the screen and drag and drop it to the second monitor).
Is there a way to do that using keyboard shortcut ?

Question_2: BTW, I have similar question about switching the order of my desktop : assuming I have
Desktop_1 , Desktop_2, Desktop_3

I would like the Desktop_3 to be in the middle, so
Desktop_1 , Desktop_3, Desktop_2

Thanks for the help.

unfortunately BTT can not do this (both) :frowning:
There are no official APIs to work with spaces, I'm not sure if this is at all possible.

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