How to move an in window

@Andreas_Hegenberg This action moves the Clipboard Manager window to a specific location. It works. Unfortunately, it usually moves another window too.

What can I do to prevent this?

Does it work if you put the move action in an if that only triggers if clipboard manager is active?

BTTClipboardManagerActive == 1

Yes, thank you Andreas!

But I still don't understand. BTT shows me what the name of the Clipboard Manager window is. It's a strange name :wink:, but it's unique. So this should actually work too, no?

that’s output from the „visible windows“ list, correct?
The format here is „app name - window title - window level“. So in your example the window title would be the empty part in the middle :slight_smile: (that window currently doesn’t have a title)

Ah, that works. No name seems to be a name too. So if I leave the field blank it works. But maybe this is not so wise, because other windows could be nameless too ... mm :slightly_smiling_face: