How to make submenu same style as parent menu?

I may not be doing this correctly but I have setup a floating widget to act like a dock, showing some apps to start and then more under a menu, however I cant seem to find the style options for the sub menu anywhere, am I missing something?

This is the parent:

And this is the sub menu when I click more (not filled in yet fully):

In previous versions the submenu took the style of the button that was used to open the submenu. However with the current alpha releases (e.g. 4.479) this has changed. By default it now uses the style of the parent menu.

This can be turned on/off by unchecking this:

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May I jump in with my style question:
If I change the style of one menu item, can I copy only the style to all other menu items easily?

That's not easily possible (yet - would be a good addition), however you can select all of the items in the UI and modify the style of all of them simultaneously.

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Ok, will do that. Thank you!