How to make Custom Floating Menus available only on specific websites

Please refer to the image for specific effects. The benefit of this approach is to maximize space utilization, with each button only being available when needed.

I assume this works with a cag. Only in Chrome, only if the window name "contains". Search the forum for "conditional activation group".

Thank you for your help. I understand the issues with this approach:

  1. The process is cumbersome, requiring the setup of a conditional activation group for each website.
  2. Maintenance is complicated, as I need to modify each conditional activation group individually when a general operation requires changes.

I believe a more efficient method is:
To specify the visibility of buttons when creating them.

CAG's are the only way to achieve this, I don't think I can make this available on the menu item itself.

The new alpha 4.189 now adds a new "Active Website URL" condition to conditional activation groups.