How to make a list of menu items of open Windows

What I's like to do is have a icon in the menubar item that presents a list of open Windows of a application.

For example: a menubar item "Safari". When user clicks on it, a dropdown menu appears with a list of all open Safari Windows.


BTT has 2 built-in actions for that. Show all windows or show all windows of the front app.

But for that I would recommend this free app

Hey Frank, thanks, but not what I was looking for. What I'd like to have is a icon in the menubar that shows a list of open windows from a certain app. Just like you can right click on a icon on the Dock and see a list of open windows of THAT app.

Hi Patrick, ahh, by "that app" you mean an app that is not the front app, right? I do not know if this is possible...

...This is still not exactly what you want, but with the Nouch Bar you can create an icon in the menubar that shows a menu with all windows.

I think I can easily extend the "show window switcher for current app" action so it allows to select the app to show windows for. Would this help?

Yes, that would be great, thanks! :+1: