How to make a clean preset and import stuff from a previous one

Hello everyone,

TL;DR: I played with BTT and love my actual settings ; however I did it over a preset I downloaded. I would like to import all the buttons/settings etc I made in a new empty preset to make it in a clean way. How?

This is my first post on here, but I've been playing around with BTT for a solid week now.
I started out with Golden Chaos preset, and then did a shitload of modifications, add-in... It started out with simple buttons, but I ended up changing basically everything, and now my touchbar has NOTHING to do with the Golden Chaos preset. What's bugging me is that since I did that over Golden Chaos, the preset is messy afffff.

What I wanted to do was start from scratch and basically import one by one the elements that I actually use, in a proper way. So i've tried exporting my preset (as a save, by export preset, export highlighted, which I named "Save"...), make a new empty one, and I've no idea how (how the presets actually work is beyond me, call me dumb but I just don't get it) but I lost all my settings. After 1 hour of frantically trying to fix it, I managed, but now I have two active preset, the Golden Chaos and the Save (the save being the export of the Golden Chaos preset...), and if both of these are not active then it goes nuts.

In short, I had something messy, and I end up with something even messier. I'm scared to hell to even touch the preset settings now.
1 - How can I make a proper save of my touchbar. The "export preset" thing just doesnt seem to work for me ; I most certainly must do something wrong, so is it possible to get a step by step answer ? Would be awesome.
2 - How can I make a new empty preset and fill it with what I've already configured in my old preset ? As in manually selecting the buttons, triggers etc that I've configured, and import them in the new preset.

Thanks a ton in advance. I know my message might be tough to understand, but let me know if I wasn't clear at some point and i'll try to clear that up!