How to Install Presets?

Ok, I give, can't find out here how to install one of these presets I see here. I see the copy the John code but where does it need to go?

A nice discussion post or documentation would be handy.

Just download the .json, open BTT settings, click "Presets" (top right corner), then "Import". Select the .json file, et voilà :wink:

If the Preset is shared via just click "Import to BTT" when you see it on the website.

If someone posts the .json code in the forum, just copy it and with the BTT settings open hitting ⌘V it should automatically appear.

Ok, I tired that, nada, zippo.

Oh heck I see. It's because the topic is from before the change of BTT UI.
In the BTT menu item choose → Old Configuration UI and just paste it in your TouchBar Section.
If you scroll down it will appear somewhere in turquoise. Next time you open the usual BTT settings it will be right there too.

Ok, that worked, even though the preset itself does not.

Seems like that feature should be in the newer UI also.