How to improve responsiveness of BTT

So, new to BTT, maybe just a few weeks but am convinced enough about the tool that I went with a lifetime license.

I wonder, is there a better way to improve how responsive BTT is? I am using a MBP Esc (no Touch Bar, 8GB RAM) and I find that BTT is sometimes not as responsive. For instance, I set up a "two finger swipe from left" or a "four finger tap" and a shift "four finger tap". I find I have to swipe from left a few times before BTT actions are run. But, once it run, the next time I swiped, it worked immediately. It feels as though BTT need to start caching and then it respond immediately. If I stopped using that gesture for an hour or two (or perhaps I have closed the lid by then, I need to find out) and then try to swipe from left, it will not response and need to try a few times before it cache.

It's the same for four finger tap (to minimize window under cursor) and I have reduced the sensitivity of four finger tap (pressure) to almost 0.1. First few times I tap, it does not response. After being successful, then it works almost every time after that.

Maybe it is my poor, underpowered MacBook. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hi @qwertycolemak, I am using a MacBook Pro (2016 without Touch Bar) and have no problems with the response time. Here are my settings (default setting of BTT):


macOS Mojave 10.14.4
BTT 2.750

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Thanks for sharing your presets - looks like you leave most of it as default, as I do. I will experiment with these more and look forward to reporting a better experience!

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After another week, I’m really not sure if BTT works for me. It’s does not response fast enough. I have one “click top left” to maximize window to the left side of the screen. And yet, I find myself tapping top left of the built in MBP Trackpad a few times before the action register. It’s the same for “tap top right” to maximize window to the right.

My four finger tap or five finger tap also didn’t register well, so it’s pretty frustrating.

Maybe check whether the live view shows any strange input. Sometimes defective trackpads cause "Phantom Touches" and thereby confuse BTT.

I’m sorry but how do I do this? Is it a console?

Ah it's here:

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Thanks. With the Live View window, I can see my four finger taps being registered and shown graphically. I can also see the "top left click" being register. But nothing happened in BTT. I supposed, with Live View switched on, BTT is not running. I know there were no phantom touches. I closed the Live View and then tried my touches again. BTT is not responding.. a few clicks again, then it decide to respond. What else can I check ?

In terms of tools running, I have iStat Menu, Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, Bartender, Fantastical, Hazel, Turbo Switcher, Divvy, Box, Skitch.. none of them are touch related, all of them are trigger via keyboard. I am puzzled!

Could be some sort of conflict also. You could try to activate the "Show HUD" option to see whether the gesture is recognized but for some reason the action doesn't do what it should.

Ok, I will try it a bit more. Currently when I tap, there is a slight half second delay before the HUD is shown and the action is executed. I am now suspecting, maybe there is a lag and previously, I didn't wait long enough for it to execute before tapping again and that could have reset the touch, thus, the feeling of action not executing. Perhaps this is the case, but there shouldn't be any lag in the first place. I will reboot and start with minimum program and try it again. Thanks for all the tips so far!

Do you have double-taps configured also? (In that case BTT needs to wait to see whether another tap happens)

I have four finger tap and yes, four finger double tap. So, maybe you are right. I will remove one and observe.

For the “Corner click top left”, I only have one click configured. I have more problems getting response from this and the "Corner click top right".

Here are all my configurations (it's not that many)

Nothing for Finder.

Could you also post a screenshot of this settings page?

Here it is

This seems to help, somewhat! Out of 5 four-finger taps, BTT responded to 4 now.. much, much better now.

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