How to im export, import and modify presets

Hi, pretty new on this… I would like to modify preset sets for my own needs. Where can I find a bit more about the how?

For example: I would like to take some parts of GC-BTT and work on them (without messing things up as the developer suggested). What is the basic procedure? The manual covers predominantly starting things from scratch, creating new triggers & actions.

Hope that is understandable.

Thank You,


Basically just import goldenchaos preset and start editing the triggers, there is not much more to it than that :slight_smile: Do you have specific questions?

Hi Andreas, well, I have done this, even quit and restarted BTT, but nothing changes. Somehow I must miss a step.

Example: I moved the Lock and the sleep button from GC's version to a spot to the right and added opening the screensaver. Nothing seems to change.

Thank You!