how to grab multiple clipboardContentString values?

I'm trying to add a custom clipboard manager/paste action.

I'd like to go through some sites and copy many download links. Then, i go back, select them all, and want to paste into my terminal for execution with some bash scripts. The problem is it's really awkward to do it without custom string manipulation because usually the only thing I can get it to paste multiple with is one on each line, and that means i will need to open a quoted string in the command line, to build a multi line variable, and then write some more bash to munge it.

So I got the idea that it seems like I can write a Clipboard Transformer Function, but the interface for this function is it takes a single arg, how do we handle when we selected multiple clipboard items?

Also, how do we debug this thing... i guess since it transforms I will just perform the transformation as a poor man's log statement.

Update: Yeah doesnt seem like the transform can receive more than one at a time, so i can't do my trivial space delimited multi-paste with this. Please add.