How to get the status of BTT enabled/disabled

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg

I would like to get the status of BTT (get if it's enabled/disabled).

Is it possible to get this information with applescript, or any other way?


I think that's currently not possible, but I can add a variable to query & set the enabled state

That would be great.

I want to make a conditional group that gets activated when BTT is disabled and another one when BTT is enabled.

I want to use a customVariable to save the enabled/disabled status. And also get that info with Applescript.

Wait, but what would a CAG do if BTT is disabled?

I have added a variable called BTTDisabled that can be set to 0 or 1. Will be included in the next version.

Great, thanks a lot!

I want to use a named trigger called "Disable BTT" with 2 actions assigned:
1st- Set customVariable to 1 (means BTT is disabled and the CAG "BTT disabled" will be activated and the CAG "BTT enabled" will be deactivated).
2nd-Disable BTT

The CAG "BTT disabled" shows a menu bar item that alerts that BTT is disabled.

problem is: if BTT is disabled, its custom menubar functionality should also be gone (although possibly that's currently not the case).

It's not the case, menu bar items work the same when BTT is enabled or disabled.

Here it is a fast video showing the behaviour.
I have some menu bar items when BTT is in foreground. Clicking them opens some Finder windows. As you can see, the menu bar items don't disappear when BTT is disabled, and they are opening the Finder windows.