How to get out of secure input, macOS Mojave


I understand that BTT is limited when secure input is activated. But how can I deactivate it in macOS. I tried as suggested in another post to lock my screen and login again, either by pwd ou touch id, but it doesn't change. BTT still says that secure input is activated.

Any other clue? A terminal command to input? Anything to avoid restarting the computer completely?

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Unfortunately there is no way to disable it. You need to figure out which app is enabling it, only the app which enabled secure input can disable it again.

Unfortunately the detection of the problematic app is not 100% reliable. So if it always shows "LoginScreen", that may not be the actual culprit.

Ah that's what I didn't get. I really thought that when it said loginwindows, it was actually the login...

Hi, this came up to me after going to Catalina now - Company policy. It is a severe discomfort now as lots of my daily tasks are based on sequences. Are there any news on how to work around this? The error blames "loginwindow PID:xxx"

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Possibly some security software that was installed on your machine is causing this.

There is no way to get around that if secure input is really active (also there will never be a workaround for this, as it's one of the basic security concepts of macOS to prevent any sort of keylogger). This will affect all apps that do something like key sequences (unless they install some custom kernel extension, which I don't want to do with BTT).

Your only hope would be to figure out which software is enabling secure input and check whether you are allowed to disable it.