How to find active window name/ID/whatever

I recall there was a feature in BTT that allows to see the precise name or "id" of the current active app/window?
I can't find it anymore, too long I didn't set up new commands, only used them :roll_eyes:

So I need to setup a command that appears only when the keychain "enter password" window pops up.
That is not the keychain app itself because if I add a button that appears on "Keychain App" the button will disappear as soon that password field pops up. This is because that password field isn't part of the KeyChain app but has a very specific identifier, I am sure about that, had the issue in past at some point already.

So I need the specific identifier of that pop up to add a command to be appearing only when that popup appears. And I recall there was a BTT screen to see the Current active window ID... but as said, can't find it anymore.

Anyone can help me?