How to execute more actions after named trigger?

I have following:


named trigger 'sendemail' is executing, but more actions after (in this example 'ask for input') is not. How to execute more actions after named trigger?

Which version of BTT are you running? (This should work fine)

Latest version, just downloaded yesterday from the website

Maybe your named trigger is never ending/returning? What does it do?

It performs few clicks, and fills Gmail form. Everything it is supposed to do is completed. It doesn't matter if I simplify it even to one click to test next actions

Osx is latest version available

Weird, I just set up a simple example and it executes fine, or did I miss something here:

This is my sendemail trigger:

and floating menu button actions:

in this example "show hud overlay" is not working

can you try adding a "show hud" at the beginning and end of your named trigger action sequence to see whether it finishes?

My named trigger now:

It shows HUD 'done', but later nothing happening (HUD saying 'complete' not showing)

BTT 4.542

Weird, I can not reproduce this yet. Would be great if you could go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to, then I will have a look tomorrow!

Thanks. I'm going to sleep now and will come back tomorrow

Today I have tested it once again.

My previous setup as posted before - triggered by floating menu button click - doesn't work.
Current test setup - triggered by double click on OSX menu bar - actions following named trigger are working.
Maybe there is the issue?
I've sent debug info to Your email.

Today I have tested another case.
I started to disable steps inside named trigger. If I have disabled steps like "wait for image to become visible on screen & move mouse" and "paste text" - actions following named trigger are working.

Is there any chance to find solution for this issue?