How to enable / disable automaticly a BTT shortcut ?

Question: Is there a way to enable/disable automaticly a BTT created shorcut ?

Context: I made a shortcut that turns the f11 & f12 keys into the mission control go left/right a space. I want to be able to automaticly disable that shortcut when I’m using an app that require me to use the f11/f12 keys.

Thanks in advance !

Navigate to your shortcut - most likely located in "all apps" - access Advanced Conditions, and specify that it should not apply to the particular application. In this example it is Safari.

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That works, when using "Advanced Trigger Conditions" the shortcut will not work in that app, however it will also not perform its default action.

Instead if you want the shortcut to do it's default actions in some apps, you can either

  • create a conditional activation group which defines all apps where the shortcut should do it's default implementation. In the following example the shift+cmd+d shortcut won't be active in Safari, Edge and Chrome.

  • OR if you just need to disable it for a specific app, add that app to BTT's side bar, add the shortcut to that app and disable it: