How to do a Bartender3-like action with BTT

is there a possibility to make a bartender-like inside better touch tool ?

of course! just make a group and put whatever you want to hide inside it :slight_smile:

Do you mean to manage the top menu bar in macOS or for the touch bar?

oh crap good point :joy::crazy_face:

This is actually possible, the only problem is that you have to reposition the btt menu bar icon every time btt restarts as far as I can tell. (Lmk if you find a way to get around this)

Just move the new menubar icon to the right of the btt icon, and move any icons you want to hide when you click it to the left of the btt icon.


Most recent version of BTT should save & restore the menubar position

Ah, thanks! I didn't see the update until now.

when I click the new menu bar item, how do I get it back? the menu bar item disappears...

don't worry, I got it. I just made a keyboard shortcut to activate it
@Emm_Gr maybe mark camel's post as the solution?

Another good trigger would be "double click menubar"

would this work by clicking the menu bar anywhere?

Unfortunately only when clicking in empty areas at the moment

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