How to detect which Floating menu is visible

I am trying to detect which of my Floating menus is visible.
There is a state which is called hovered_floating_menu_identifier and another one
visible_floating_menu_identifier which shows my menu name ("Live"),

The visible_floating_menu_identifier can not be selected/is missing as part of the CAG (or as IF condition), while the hovered_floating_menu_identifier is available.

Is there another way to find out which menu is visible?

oh it should absolutely be available, I forgot one line of code to make it visible. It should be available now in v4.509 (uploading)

alternatively you can grab any CAG or adavanced trigger condition variable via the get_string_variable function call

Didn‘t thought about that a get_string_variable function call would do the job as well,.
Thx again,

Hallo Andreas,

there is something strange 4.509
the visible_floating_menu_identifiers is now available in CAG or adavanced trigger condition.
but the var visible_floating_menu_identifiers is not available in the HUD ?


Other current states: (ok)

Variables (visible_floating_menu_identifiers missing)

this is a bit complicated. Only BTT variables can be used in curly braces. These conditions are no such variables although they can be queried using the get_string_variable calls

However as these two are available in CAG and advanced trigger conditions, I should be able to also make them available as a normal variable without causing performance issues.

I thought as the
hovered_floating_menu_identifier works already in HUD, the
visible_floating_menu_identifiers could work as well...

I will use the get_string_variable calls, should be fine...


visible menus will now also be available via variable in 4.510

General tip: another way to get anything into a variable that can be used in HUD etc. is to define a dynamic JS variable:

Great info! I was not aware of this...