How to deactivate BTT for an app?

Maybe @Andreas_Hegenberg

Is there any way to deactivate BTT for certain apps?

Alfred for example uses shortcuts in his search window that don't work if they are already assigned in BTT (cmd+1) Or what would you recommend, if I want to use the Alfred shortcuts, instead of the BTT shortcuts? I have not found anything in the manual. Danke!

In general, sure:

However the Alfred window by default can not be recognized as a "App", because it is not really active.
There are solutions to this:

@Andreas_Hegenberg Ok, thanks :slight_smile: No idea how the others did it. Logically this can't work, especially not when Alfred becomes a „normal“ app in "Compatibility Mode". The global shortcuts of BTT overwrite the shortcuts of the front app. This is how it should be, otherwise you could not change the front app with a global shortcut.

I'll try if this works with a cycle action that turns BTT off completely before Alfred is called, and then turns it back on when Alfred is closed. Let's see ...

Wait, did you see the first screenshot? You would then disable BTT for Alfred, so none of the BTT shortcuts would be active.

I think you could also use the events alfred sends to set a variable in BTT and have a conditional activation group matching them.

I have tried that. And now it works. For some reason I had to restart BTT first. Thanks, Andreas :smiley: