How to create a dynamic play/pause button on the touchbar?

I'm trying to create a pause/play button that changes when I press the button. I can't seem to find an option in the touchbar settings on the right side. Seems like I can only choose 1 icon. Does anyone have an idea how to do this? Thanks.

Use the Now Playing widget.

Set Line 1 to {playingShowPause}{pausedShowPlay}
Set If Paused to Do Nothing
Set Icon to Nothing
Set When Tapped to No Special Action
Assign Play/Pause as the action

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Thanks, it worked. :slight_smile:

By any chance do you know how to copy trigger and paste into another app? I tried using the copy function then went to another app it won't paste it. I usually just recreate the trigger but its time consuming, was wondering if there's a better way.

I don’t unfortunately. There’s a way to get a JSON representation of a widget using the scripting interface, but that’s not as easy as a right click.