How to copy horizontal line (<hr/>) in GMail

I want to configure a keyboard shortcut so that it paste a horizontal line in GMail. Like is shown here:

The trick from the link works when I copy/paste manually, via the real keyboard, but I can not get the horizontal line (<hr/>) paste via BBT.

Or is there a better simpler way to add a horizontal line (<hr/>) into GMail?


that's tricky because the macOS text rendering system doesn't support horizontal lines, thus the paste text action in BTT will not be able to paste it.

I think I would need to add an option to paste HTML, but right now this is not integrated in BTT. It would be useful though, so I will have a look at this.

Thanks! I agree, it IS useful! :+1:

Version 3.746 (alpha) now supports this:

It will be available in about 10 minutes via "check for alpha version updates"

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Works perfect!!! Thanks! :+1: