How to "clear" the Stream Deck when screen is locked?

My question here is related to this bug report: Locking macOS does not disable Stream Deck buttons

Currently, the Stream Deck buttons continue to function even when the macOS screen is locked (i.e, when loginwindow is frontmost. I need the Stream Deck buttons to stop working when the screen is locked, and ideally I'd like the buttons to show blank/nothing, or at least show a different set of non-functioning buttons when loginwindow is active. I've created a conditional activation group for the loginwindow app, and BTT does correctly show that group when I lock the screen, but it also still shows all of the buttons in the "All Apps" group.

What is the best way to clear the Stream Deck buttons when the screen is locked, and to restore them when the screen is unlocked?

i’m currently travelling without computer, so I don’t recall the exact names. But there are actions for this in the „named & other triggers“ section in BTT. I think they are „screen locked“ and „screen unlocked“. You can assign the predefined actions to enable/disable the stream deck to these.

BRILLIANT! Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed. Very much appreciated!