How to buy it using Coupon code?

I like better touch tool a lot! Thanks for the great tool!

I cannot find the creator's email, so I just ask here, pls forgive me

I have two questions

The first is how I can buy it with the Coupon code? I don't see any place where I can type the Coupon code before I arrive the pay page. I am in China, is it not available here?

the second one is, in fact I bought BetterTouchTool Standard License several years ago (maybe 2018), at that time there was no lifetime one (maybe I misremember?) So is there a way for standard one to upgrade to lifetime with fewer money?


It should be this:

The current licensing system with standard and lifetime licenses was introduced in 2018. It is a very basic licensing system and doesn't support upgrading between standard and lifetime licenses, sorry!

Thanks for your reply!

I have another question, my old version btt (3.x) does not work well with Apple M2 Pro, is it the known issue?

Anyway, I have bought the lifetime one, thanks for your great work again! @Andreas_Hegenberg