how to backup/import btt settings?

They are included in the exported preset if you either pass includeSettings to the apple script or , includeSettings: 1 to the java script

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Ah, perfect, thanks. I'll try that out.

@Andreas_Hegenberg i've done a BTT trigger for each day 8am, but sometimes btt is not open at that time, what i'd like it to do a every hour run that will generate a settings export, diff it with the last one, and if there is no change, delete the export.

Problems i'm facing is that this means that I can't compress the settings so i will be able to remove 'BTTPresetUUID'.

is there a workaround for that? or the other way around, will backups of settings increments will be supported?

I don't understand, why do you want to remove the BTTPresetUUID?

This is how I can compare the 2 files to find out if there was a change (if I create an export one after the other - Not doing any changes - then the files are identical besides the BTTPresetUUID.)

Spending a lot of time with BTT now, I also want to have a backup setup. As I am not professional as the others are, I though I could maybe

  1. use the trigger-menu "Autmation, named & other triggers"
  2. find a trigger like "if BTT is started, trigger "Run Real Java Script".
  3. I would paste in "(async ()=> {

let result = await export_preset({name:'the_preset_name', compress: 1, includeSettings: 1, outputPath: ~/Downloads/thePreset${}.bttpreset})
4. Without having too much clue how to use or edit that, I would select a path where Time Machine BackUp can reach to be save. :slight_smile: