how to activate mate translator with 1 click

I can use built in dictionary with 3 tap but I don't like this dictionary and wanna use mate translate with 3 tap. I use this sequence to use mate translate
1-select text
2-right click on selected text
3-click services
4-click translate with mate translate

is it possible to select the text. and make all the things above with 1 shortcut

Really? How? The Service shortcut in System Preferences > Service shows 'translate with Mate' as being able to be activate through shortcut but it doesn't work! :rage:
What works (but needs the cursor to select the choice) is to use the PopClip extension (you select the text, PopClip pops out (guess?:smiley:) and then you hover and click the Mate icon AND IT WORKS!.
WHY PopClip CAN do it and Service shortcut can NOT? Is there some other way (like an Automator trigger or BetterTouchTool)?