How to access the Application Menu items?

Hi I want to use the menubar-item command to trigger the "Application Menu Name;Services;My Service" — the name of the top-level menu depends on the active application (Scrivener, Forklift etc.). I've tried to use * but it doesn't work. Is there a shortcut like we have for the Apple menu?

I cannot use trigger-context-menu as some apps put services at the top level and others in a Services sub-menu.

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I'm trying to do the same thing. In addition to using * I also tried menu 0 (zero) 1 is File, etc… but that didn't work. For now I have it executing my KeyboardMaestro shortcut that does this, but I'd like a more direct way.

KeyboardMaestro uses APPLICATION to access items in an application's self-titled menu.

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Thanks for your info, I never found a solution either. I don't use KeyboardMaestro, and anyway would love to keep BTT as my main automation engine without a baroque set of applescripts and different apps.

To more established members of the BTT community, is it worth adding a feature request to the issue tracker?

It is always worth filing the bug report.

Sorry, that's a bug. The application menu should be available via (0). Currently it looks like the application menu is available via (2). For some reason BTT is counting starting with the Apple menu (1) - maybe that was introduced with a recent macOS update.

I'll fix this (or update the description) and move this thread to the bug section.

Anyways currently you can use it like this (2);Services;My Service. (Actually it kind of makes sense like this, maybe I'll make this the default, the Apple menu is available via (1)).

Which version of macOS are you running?

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Dear Andreas, sorry for such a late reply and thank you for the requisite information I'm happy to know (2) works.