How many computers can use the same license?


I like your BetterTouchTool app!
I'm thinking about the lifetime/2 years edition.

And mostly, if I buy one license. Can I use it on all my Macs or only one? Will be a bit hefty for me if I need to purchase 3 licenses times 21. And if so, couldn't it be linked to my Apple ID instead so I only need to pay for a license per apple ID?

You can use the license on all computers where you are the main user and additionally on one shared family computer.

Awesome, thank you! That makes it a lot easier. I'll buy a license today then.

Hi, how I can download, e.g. BST, and how to export the license file so that I can install the same tool in other computers?

Hi, I had a question about this- what does the "shared family computer" part mean? Does that mean me and a family member will be able to use BTT at the same time (family member on my secondary laptop)?