How do I view all triggers, regardless of type?

I am just starting to use BetterTouchTool but I am having some difficulty with the UI.

The triggers are categorized by their type/method - Touch Bar, Trackpad, Keyboard Shortcuts, etc. How do I view all (top level?) triggers, regardless of type, that are associated with "All Apps" or a specific app that I have added?

More specifically - I plan to use only three of the triggers, as per the screenshot. How can I see Keyboard Shortcuts, Key Sequences/Typed Words, and Named & Other Triggers all at the same time. In other words - I don't want to have to keep switching views to see the triggers I have against a specific app.

I would like to do this also, and have not found a way to.

I have noticed that in the menu you show, the little tiny dot in front of the trigger type name is filled in if there exist triggers of that type, and is an empty circle if none exist. It's REALLY small on my screen, I actually have to zoom in to tell the difference, but at least it's an indication.