How do I use Custom Move/Resize Window to have my active window fill the top 2/3rds of the screen?

I've been playing with nearly all of the settings in the Custom Move/Resize Window, and cannot make any of these settings do what I expect them to.

Like this:

This tells BTT:

  • use the active window
  • use the screen with the mouse cursor to position the window
  • position the top left corner of the window 0px in X direction from the top left corner of the screen and 0px in the y direction
  • resize the window to 100% width based on the screen width
  • resize the window to 75% height based on the screen height

Thank you! Not just a great tool, but amazing turn around on assisting me with a feature I could not figure out on my own.

So this moves the window to the screen where my mouse resides. How do I NOT move the window at all, but resize using the current screen?

Figured it out, "0 screens" as well as "From window display" was needed. (not really intuitive...)