How do I swap Ctrl and Cmd keys?



Hello. I'm new to BetterTouchTool. I'd like to use it to globally swap the Ctrl and Cmd keys. I've seen the keyboard part of this app focuses in shortcuts more than just single keys, so, how can I achieve this key swapping?

Thank you!


sorry BetterTouchTool is not a good tool for key remappings. You should consider und Karabiner Elements app for that.

if you want to swap globally you can also do it in system preferences -> keyboard -> modifiers


Thanks for your reply!

I knew about the Modifier Keys window in System Preferences, but it changes both Ctrl and both Cmd keys at the same time. I want to swap only the left Cmd key with the left Ctrl key, then swap the Right Cmd key with the Right ALT key (NOT Ctrl), so that can't be achieved with the Modifier Keys window.

It's a pity that BetterTouchTool can't remap keys. If it did, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I already use Karabiner-Elements, but it has some weird bug that swaps two keys (the >< key and the ºª\ key) without me having added such a rule. It's a bug that has been reported and happens to a whole bunch of people, but the developer of that tool doesn't seem to listen to us after years of having been reported, unfortunately.

So I hope you implement this functionality in some future version of BetterTouchTool.

Thank you!