How do I send a Show ALL action?

macOS has a "Show All" [running applications] in Finder and in most (all?) apps, via Finder > Show All or [app name] > Show All..

Frustratingly macOS doesn't seem to have a KB shortcut for this feature and I couldn't find a Show All action inside BTT.

Can anyone suggest a way I can assign a KB shortcut for accessing Show All, please?


you can use the "trigger menubar menu item" action to trigger any menubar item (or set a keyboard shortcut via System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Application Shortcuts

Thanks, Andreas, that makes sense. My issue now is that not all apps seem to include "Show All" and for some, the menu item is actually "Show all" (lowercase "a" on "All").

Is there a straightforward way of being able to "tell Finder to File > Show All" ? i.e have a KB shortcut that's accessible from whatever app I'm in, that instructs Finder to "Show All"?

At least there would be some consistency in that approach.

Thanks again.

Quick question: What does the "Show All" menu item do? (It doesn't seem to work on my machine for some reason).

Maybe the new window switcher action that is included in the current BetterTouchTool alpha versions, would be helpful to you.

"Show All" is the opposite of the "Hide Others" option in Finder > File (also found in many apps from the [App Name] menu item. For example, Figma > Hide Others would hide all windows except those of Figma.

Say I have lots of app windows open but I want to focus on just one of them (Figma). I'd go to Figma > Hide Others. This would clear everything but Figma from view (the apps are still running their windows are just not visible).

In our example, if I want to make all those hidden windows from other apps visible again I'd use Figma > Show All to make them appear again. Same process from Finder > File.

Have you tried the action "send shortcut to a specific app"?

YAY! :slight_smile: Thanks, @Frank1 !

The solution I settled on:

  1. Assign a shortcut of "Cmd-Shift-P" to Finder > Show All via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts (part of an earlier suggestion from @Andreas_Hegenberg )
  2. Then in BTT add a shortcut of "Cmd-Shift-P" which sends "Cmd-Shift-P" to a specific app (Finder)

I guess in step 2 the BTT shortcut didn't need to match the shortcut that it actually sends to Finder but neither did it hurt.

Thanks both!

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