How do I prevent Safari 2-finger swipes from going Back and Forward?

I've seen several mentions on the web to use BTT to "disable" the 2-finger swipe-right/swipe-left in Mac Safari. Clearly it frustrates others with accidental page changing. But I can't get it to work.

I added 2-finger swipe left (& right) gestures as triggers for actions that should only show a HUD to let me know the swipe was registered, nothing more. But the page either goes back/forward without a HUD (usually a rather short swipe) or I get the HUD and also the back/forward behavior.

I want to intercept or prevent Safari from registering the 2-finger swipe. What am I missing?

you don't need BTT for that, just turn off "Swipe between pages" in System Settings => Trackpad => More Gestures

Thanks, but that turns off the feature globally, in all apps, including where I DO want to swipe between pages like Preview and some others. I just want to turn it off for Safari. And maybe Chrome. And that's it. So hoping, and got the impression on the web, that BTT was a good solution for that.

Can I infer from your response that BTT does not have the capability of catching the swipe before the system does, and repurposing it in some apps like Safari and not other apps?

Long time user, hoping for one more use of your great product. Thx much