How do I merge presets? No official solution

There doesn't seem to be an official way to merge presets.

The only solutions I could find on the forum are the following:

Source: Merging 2 presets presets

The above screenshot basically list two possible solutions:

  1. Copy and paste triggers (so the pasted triggers land in your master preset)
  2. Manually move triggers to your target preset using the right-click dropdown menu

Both methods do not work and produce buggy results.

I recorded a 2-minute Loom video showing the issues with both solutions:

BetterTouchTool Version: 4.037
MacOS Version: 13.2.1 (22D68)

I watched the video, maybe I misunderstand, but you are moving actions to preset A that are already in preset A.

Yes all my triggers (aka actions) already belong to preset A, but the apps they are inside of do not seem to belong to preset A.

App: Photoshop (seems to belong to preset B)
• Trigger 1 (belongs to preset A)
• Trigger 2 (belongs to preset A)

If I delete preset B, the Photoshop app and the two triggers get deleted from BTT.

I have no idea how to transfer ownership of the Photoshop app from Preset B to Preset A.

Am I missing something here?

Ah that is currently a limitation when copy & pasting a whole app. I'll fix that.

For now add the app manually to the other preset before pasting.

Understood, thank you.

I actually did try to add apps to the other preset before pasting.

However once I turned both presets on and proceeded to do the copy & paste, I came across two new problems:

  1. The pasting was buggy and unreliable. Sometimes nothing happened. Sometimes there were duplicates. Sometimes there were errors.
  2. When deleting one of the duplicate apps, I lost all triggers in the remaining one and there was a scary error message. It fixed itself after a BTT restart.

This whole process is so painful and fills me with fear of data loss :disappointed_relieved:

  • I would like to feature suggest a "Merge Presets" button in the preset selector.
  • Clicking on that button will show a popup that allows you to select the presets to merge as well as the merged preset name.