How do I manage Licenses

I've been using BetterTouch tool for more years than I can remember. It is an integral part of my effectiveness and efficiency. For that I thank you for this great tool you built. I sympathize with you regarding the amount of work required to not only build it, but support and answer questions like these. Hopefully the community can help me.

Today I purchased 8 licenses for my team.
However, I don't see anywhere I can manage the licenses. A few concerns:

  • If I give out the license file, anyone can forward it and register. How do I see who has registered against my 8 licenses?
  • If someone leaves my company or team, that license stays with my team and I would want to transfer it to a new team member.

There is no way to see this as the licenses are not directly bound to a machine or user.
If the licensing system detects unusual behavior or if the license is used on too many systems you'll receive an email.

Worst case I can always deactivate the 8 licenses you bought and send a new license file.