How do I make an alias for an existing MacOS shortcut?

How do I make an alias for an existing MacOS shortcut? Specifically, I want to make [Cmd + ù] a synonym for [Cmd + `] because I sometimes use a keyboard layout that doesn't have a backtick.

Just create a shortcut that sends that other shortcut:

That doesn't work. I should probably point out that the Ù on the Canadian keyboard is in the same position as the backtick on the US keyboard. When I try to assign Cmd-ù to Cmd-`, BetterTouchTool either crashes immediately, or lets me make the assignment, but then crashes the first time I try to use the shortcut.

Ah now I understand. Unfortunately this might not be possible.

What function do you have assigned to cmd+`?

Sorry for not replying sooner. I didn't notice the notification.

The function assigned to cmd+bactick is the one built into Macos: switch between windows in the current application. As far as I know, there is not alternative in Macos to cmd+` to perform this function except to click on the window you want with the mouse.

It seems like I can't assign any key combination whatsoever to cmd+backtick in a way that continues to work when I switch to the Canadian layout. The only alternative in BTT is to assign a different key combination to bringing up the window switcher for the current app, but the window switcher is hard to use if you don't know the name of the window you want to switch to. The best alternative seems to be to use Macos's ctrl+down to show show all the current application's windows in Mission Control.

There is a completely undocumented way that allows you to trigger the Apple functions defined in System Preferences => Keyboard Shortcut. This would allow you to reassign it to any key combination. However it involves using the "Run Real JavaScript" action like this:

This script would trigger the "Switch between application windows" action:

returnToBTT('just return anything here');

Note: This only works starting with 3.899 alpha