How do I invert the scrolling of the MagicMouse?

It seems like the MagicMouse is immune to the scrolling inversion of the mouse scroll. Is there a way to make it so that the scroll on the magic mouse is included?

Inverting scrolling of MagicMouse is done in MacOS Preferences, no?
System Preferences > Mouse > Scroll Direction

Scrolling (1 Finger) trigger in BetterTouchTool requires a modifier key to be held while scrolling.
When you select "Scroll Up" or "Scroll Down" as the trigger, in the "Basic Config" of the trigger, you need to check one of the options for "Trigger only while holding these keys:" .. ⇧ ⌘ ⌃ ⌥

Do you not know why the inversion button was invented? You can't reverse the scroll direction


You can change the scroll direction..

No you can't. It'll lock it to your trackpad direction regardless of what you do. Try it. BTT toggle literally does nothing

Did I say anything about inverting it in BTT? No, I said to use the MacOS preference.

And you can have the Trackpad scroll one way, and the MagicMouse scroll the other.. I use both on my Mac and MacBook Pro.. MagicMouse & Magic Trackpad (or trackpad) have separate scrolling settings in MacOS..

The BTT setting literally says "for NORMAL mice only" Use MacOS (system) setting for MagicMouse..
The setting in BTT is meant for mice with SCROLLWHEELS!

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Take it easy, @Small is right, just try it out :slight_smile:

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yep @Small is correct. The setting in BTT is only relevant if you want to have different scroll directions for normal mouse with scroll wheel and for Magic Mouse.

If you just want to invert magic mouse do that in the macos system preferences