How do I activate this window?

@Andreas_Hegenberg These two windows are always open in an app I use.


The name of the second window: MASTER 2024 - "MASTER 2024" never changes.

In the name of the first window, "MASTER 2024" always remains the same, but something always changes at the end of the Name ("INBOX")

I would like to call up the first window (with a shortcut). But how?

The condition should be: Window name starts with "MASTER 2024" and window name does not end with "MASTER 2024".

Do you see a way to do this? Thanks!

Can you try this?

^MASTER 2024 - "(?!MASTER 2024$).*"$

Ah wait, it's not a standard minus (-) sign, right? You'd need to replace the minus in the regex with that correct character. Best copy it from the CAG editor where it shows the window name

Great! It works. Thank you very much, Andreas. Is this regex?

Yes, and chatgpt is great at creating it for you :wink: (I also never remember the syntax)


Ah, then I should be saying thank you to chatgpt and not you? Just kidding :slightly_smiling_face:. Very good idea to ask the machine. They are simply better than us at this sort of things.

stupid habit, but I already did :rofl:

Happy coding? At least the thing didn't say "happy to help" :rofl:

By the way, I found an even better solution. The ChatGPT solution is veeeeery slow.

Since the window is accessible via a menu and is the main window, so it's always in the same position, this is much faster :slightly_smiling_face:

In some situations the "Activate Specific Window" can run much faster if you also provide the app name (otherwise it needs to look at all open windows on your system)

You are right, with the app name it is a bit faster. (but still slower) But the regex solution first activates the "wrong" window and then switches to the correct one.

Whereas the "menu solution" activates the correct window directly. I'll stick with the non-academic solution :slightly_smiling_face:

May I jump in to learn sth: "Menüleisten Element aktivieren" bedeutet, BTT springt in jegliche Menüleiste auf Position 17 und leitet weiter an den nächsten Auslöser (z.B. Enter/ Klick) ? Ich dachte, ich muss das mit 17x Pfeiltaste Runter lösen :smiley:

In Franks example it would first look for the menu item called "Fenster", then in that menu click the 17th item. You can build the item chains as long as you want and you can always replace the item name with the item position. For example "Edit;Find;Find Next" or "Edit; Find;(3)"

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Wenn du die Position angibst, behandelt BTT das wie wenn du den Namen des Menupunktes eingeben würdest, heisst du brauchst enter nicht. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wenn das Menu offen ist, kannst du auch den ersten oder die ersten paar Buchstaben des Menupunkts eingehen um das Menu anzuwählen. Dann brauchst du allerdings Enter.

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@Andreas_Hegenberg I'd like to save the comments here as a PDF to come back later if I am working within BTT and menu points. Cmd+P for print as PDF within Safari opens up the same content inside a new weird looking window. Pressing Cmd+P again, macOS Sonoma just prints 2 empty pages. This is the only website I experience this.

File;Export as PDF... seems to work fine here

Export as PDF works, not CMD+P. Just FYI :slight_smile: