How do custom context menus work? Is there a tutorial? I want to edit the Finder right click menu


When I use Finder, I want to be able to add 2 options to the default menu that comes up when you right click on a folder, or within a folder. I want to be able to create:

  1. A shortcut to create a new MS Word file at this location
  2. A shortcut to open a certain app at this location

How do you do this using BetterTouchTool? I have found no clear tutorial and the app itself isn't that clear.

Hello, could somebody please point me to where in the documentation this is discussed? Thanks!

The context menu action is just for showing a custom context menu, you can't change existing system context menus.

Instead I'd recommend to configure what you need in Apple's Shortcuts app, Shortcuts can be called from the "Quick Actions" context menu - sub menu in Finder