How can I recreate this keyboard maestro macro in BTT (tried many ways)

I'm probably going to buy KB eventually because it seems like it works well with BTT and I could probably think of some good uses for it together or on its own if I tried to, but I only need one function from it currently.

Getting a named trigger in btt to toggle on/off quickly when btt is in a minimized state (dock icon there but minimized, I would prefer with no dock and doing it through menu bar btt only showing but I don't think it's possible)

Is there any way to do this through btt? I've tried applescript with the uuid, delays, hiding, showing, launching, quitting, sending to btt from btt, various combinations, it just doesn't work cleanly like KB.

anyway here is screenshot of the KB macro.

similar but what doesn't work in btt

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 10.58.42 AM